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A national parkour jam hosted by the Texas community
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 Our goals are simple:
1) Provide open access to Parkour, Freerunning, Art du deplacement cultures.
2) Develop community leadership through collaboration, networking, and mutual respect.




Beginner’s Workshops.

The classic “intro to parkour” session, this workshop allows everyone access to our practice.

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Women’s Workshop.

This is a space for women to train together in a space made by and for women.

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Guest Workshops.

We provide a platform for guest athletes, coaches, and community leaders to teach workshops, arrange competitions, set challenges, and anything else they consider valuable to share!

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Kids Workshops.

Know anyone ages 6 - 14 that climbs, runs, and jumps on everything? This is for them.

* ADAPT Level 1 Coaching Certification hours can be gained by assisting with any of these workshop sessions.


  • Housing and Ride shares. Have a house or a vehicle with a few extra spaces? Let us know if we can fill them up for you.

  • Location clean-up. We'd like to keep our environment clean and, if possible, better than when we found it.

  • Miscellaneous Tasks. Want to do something but don't know what? It's more than likely that we'll have something for you to do!

  • Sign-in and Registration. Everyone needs a ticket, waiver, and a wristband; We'll have stations set-up to keep it simple.

  • Equipment set-up and Teardown. Moving boxes and bars can be hard, but many hands make light work.

  • Communication and Logistics. With so many moving parts, we want to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Want to volunteer? Let us know!

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